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A prominent feature of the Canadian, U.S., and other global AdChoices programs, is the call for companies engaged in online interest-based advertising to clearly inform consumers about data collection and use practices through enhanced notice. This enhanced notice may be provided via our recognizable blue triangular “i” icon (see example below).
The Icon

Companies participating in the program may use the icon and one of the approved phrasings to represent adherence to the AdChoices program’s principles, and as a means for providing notice and transparency of online interest-based advertising practices.

The word phrases that may accompany the icon in Canada are “AdChoices” in English or “Choix de pub” in French.

Please also reference the DAAC’s Ad Marker Creative Guidelines which governs the use of the icon in Canada.

Icon Licensing Fees

If your company has already registered and paid for use of the icon through the U.S. program, the annual fee to use the icon in Canada is $2,500 USD. Fill out this addendum form instead of the registration form below to speed up the process.

If your company is active only in Canada, and has not registered through the U.S. program, the annual fee to acquire the icon for use in Canada is $6,500 USD. Please continue to fill out the registration form below.

Exchange rates are calculated on the day of the invoice.

Opt-Out Tool Fees

Companies can also register to be listed on the consumer opt-out tool. A separate fee of $13,500 USD ($4,000 USD for Canadian-only companies) is required. Companies will be given further information about how to be part of the tool once the registration form below is filled out.

Companies who have already registered and paid to be listed on the opt-out mechanism via the U.S. self-regulatory program do not have to pay any additional fees.

Registration & Follow-up Process

After registering through this site, a representative from the DAAC will contact the business contact indicated in the form below. Delivery and use of the icon will be contingent on the execution of an agreement and receipt of payment. All fees need to be renewed annually, based on a rolling calendar.

Registration Form

*Note: Agencies may register and pay on behalf of an advertiser that they represent.

*Note: There is the ability to bulk register URLs afterwards.

*Note: If you know your company is already part of the U.S. program, speed up the process by also filling out this addendum.

*Note: If your company is already part of the DAA U.S. tool, no further action is required as it is shared.

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