First Parties

If you have identified yourself as a First Party, it means that you operate or control a website with which the consumer interacts. As an example, you may publish an online magazine or operate an online retail site.

The principles do not apply to the data collection and use practices you employ on your own site, for your own purposes.

If Third Parties (such as advertising networks, ad exchanges, DSPs, etc.) collect or use online interest-based advertising data on your site, the following is a summary of your notice and consumer control obligations under the principles.

To comply with the principles, website operators must:

  • Provide a meaningful description of their online interest-based advertising (“IBA”) practices in a publicly posted privacy statement or other notice, and indicate adherence to the DAAC principles in the notice.

  • Include a clear, meaningful, and prominent link on pages/apps where data is collected or used by Third Parties for IBA purposes. This link should be above the fold and point to either (i) the industry-developed website (this DAAC website) or (ii) a list of such Third Parties.

  • Website operators should take reasonable and appropriate steps to ensure that an opt-out is available from Third Parties that collect or use data on their website for IBA purposes. Such steps that website operators can take may include:

    • Conducting an inventory and taking other necessary steps to understand which Third Parties are conducting IBA on the operator’s website; and,

    • Entering into contracts, as appropriate, with such Third Parties to ensure any necessary notices or opt-outs are made available.

A Note About Third Parties

If your company engages in IBA on another website, then you may also be a Third Party, and you should also comply with the Third Party responsibilities.