How Companies Can Participate

Participating in the program is a four step process:

Step 1: Learn How To Implement The Principles

All companies interested in joining this program should learn how to implement the principles. Ensure to thoroughly review the principles page and document.

Determine if your company is a:

First Party

A first party is a website publisher or website operator that allows the collection or use of online interest-based advertising (IBA) data on their property. For first parties, in-page or in-application notification to consumers about IBA needs to be above the fold or otherwise displayed in a similarly conspicuous manner, such as through a pop-up notice.

Third Parties

A Third Party is as an advertising network, DSP, trade desk or data company (including ad exchanges and data aggregators) and in some cases advertisers.

Service Providers

A Service Provider is any internet access provider (ISP), search engine, web toolbar, browser, or other service that enables the provider to have access to all or substantially all URLs accessed by its users. Service Providers collect and use user data for online interest-based advertising in the course of their activities, and therefore have separate obligations under the DAAC’s Principles.

Companies may be one or all of the categories listed above. Read our company FAQ to find out more about these categorizations.

Step 2: Register To Use The Icon

The Icon The AdChoices Icon (illustrated to the left) is a prominent feature of the DAAC’s program for online interest-based advertising.

Companies participating in the program may use the icon and one of the approved wordings as a means for providing notice of online interest-based advertising data collection and use, and to represent adherence to the principles for online interest-based advertising.

If your organization is interested in acquiring the icon for use in connection with the Principles, please visit the company registration page.

Step 3: Register To Be Listed On The Consumer Opt-Out Page

Third Parties engaged in online interest-based advertising are encouraged to be listed on the consumer opt-out page, where consumers are able to easily opt out of some or all participating companies’ online interest-based ads.

Simply indicate this need via the company registration page. Please note that participation in the opt out tool requires a separate fee.

Step 4: Determine Whether To Use An Approved Provider

The DAAC has designated providers to assist companies in serving the icon and complying with the principles. These Approved Providers have been endorsed and approved as a technology and standard method for adhering to the principles. Working with an Approved Provider is voluntary and solely based on your company’s needs.

Evidon TrustArc

Visit or for more information about how these companies can help your company comply with the principles in a simple and cost-effective manner.

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