Companies Who Have Joined – April 2014

Since its launch over six months ago, the Canadian AdChoices program has been successful in building business participation and consumer awareness.  To date, 45 companies have begun registration for the program, with many now licensed to use the AdChoices icon in Canada. These include major Canadian and international brands, publishers, technologies, and agencies directly involved in interest-based advertising, also known as online behavioural advertising (OBA). The Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada would like to thank these companies for pioneering the Canadian AdChoices program, and we look forward to many more companies joining throughout 2014.

“Businesses engaged in digital marketing and interest-based advertising must keep working to nurture and strengthen the invaluable trust of consumers”, said Bob Reaume, Chairman of the DAAC. “Joining the program helps demonstrate that industry self-regulation is much better than intrusive government regulation that can stifle innovation in the digital advertising space”.

The DAAC’s AdChoices program directly addresses consumer privacy concerns about online data collection for the purposes of interest-based advertising. Consumers are educated about how it works and assured that transparency, consumer control and accountability are key principles respected by the companies participating in the AdChoices program. So far, over 150,000 people have visited the AdChoices website, with about 5 per cent of those visitors deciding to opt-out from at least some interest-based advertising.

The DAAC has also launched a consumer awareness campaign.  With a generous ad server donation by eyeReturn Marketing and creative donation by Stone Canoe, over 190 million impressions have been shown to date. Special thanks to Casale Media and Redux Media for kicking off the campaign with significant inventory donations. The DAAC welcomes any companies interested in donating ad inventory for this crucial consumer awareness campaign.

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How to Register For the Canadian AdChoices Program
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How to Donate Ad Inventory
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About the Canadian AdChoices Program
In September 2013, the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC) officially launched the Canadian AdChoices program for online behavioural advertising.

This self-regulatory program aims to increase notice, transparency and choice to consumers when it comes to behavioural advertising online.

To support the launch, the DAAC has hosted five webinars to date in both English and French, to hundreds of participants. Additionally, representatives of the DAAC have given numerous in-person presentations at conferences and meetings, as well as private company consolations over the phone.

“The launch of the AdChoices program in Canada is a step forward for our industry and a sign of maturity for the digital marketplace. AdChoices offers consumers both information and tools to manage their online advertising experience,” said Tom Fotheringham, General Manager of Accuen Canada.

“In addition to respecting the consumers’ right to privacy, the AdChoices program supports the evolution and growth of the online advertising industry in Canada as a whole and that’s good for everyone,” says Chris Patheiger, Vice-President of Marketing and Communication, Redux Media.

“Casale Media recognizes the Canadian AdChoices program as a valuable opportunity for the industry to self-regulate and provide consumers with choice for interest-based ads. In addition to supporting the program, Casale Media is pleased to provide the awareness campaign with extended reach in order to ensure consumers understand what the icon represents.” Julia Casale, Chief Marketing Officer, Casale Media.