Tools Made For You

AdChoices offers you a window into the advertising world, showing you who is engaging in interest-based advertising on your browsers and mobile devices.

Our tools allow you to opt out of interest-based advertising from companies registered with our not-for-profit organization.

The opt-out process does not opt you out of receiving all ads, only interest-based ads. You will continue to get ads after you opt out; they will just not have any special relevance to your interests.

See below for the multiple tools we offer.



WebChoices is a browser-based tool for opting out of interest-based advertising. Launch the WebChoices tool to manage your sharing preferences on your web browsers.

Each browser you use may have different results, depending on which cookies are being used.



A mobile-based tool for opting out of interest-based advertising across apps. Select your operating system to manage your sharing preferences on your mobile device.

AppChoices does not stop ads from being shown on your device. It stops the interest-based ad targeting that happens in the background from the companies listed.


My Choices

Preserve the opt-out preferences you set on your browser. The DAAC offers browser plug-ins to retain opt-out cookie preferences, even if you delete your cookies.


Cookies &
Browser Controls

Most modern web browsers contain extensive controls that give you the ability to make choices about your privacy. These controls enable you to block or limit cookies.