Native Advertising & the Canadian AdChoices Self-Regulatory Program

Native ads are designed to complement the look and feel of publisher content.

Native advertising involves ads that match the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. The ad content can be displayed as an article, video or slideshow, and is produced by an advertiser with the specific intent to promote a product or service. Often the ad copy is made in collaboration with the editorial staff, so that it matches the form and style of the publication it is being viewed on. These types of ads look native to the environment they’re in, hence the name "native advertising".

Native advertisements are sometimes delivered to consumers using interest-based advertising – which is the collection of data about a web user's interests over time and across websites and apps for the purpose of using the data to deliver more relevant advertising. When this occurs with native advertisements, the DAAC Principles apply, as they do to any other form of interest-based advertising, and both First and Third Party participants are required to provide the transparency and consumer choice mechanisms required by the DAAC Principles.

For participants in the DAAC AdChoices program this would mean including the AdChoices icon with all interest-based native ads in accordance with the program guidelines and offering choice to the consumer.