Spring Activities at the DAAC

It’s been an exciting few months at the DAAC – first there was the inaugural EDAA Summit in Brussels (which I wrote about in the last post). And then in May it was the IAPP Canada Privacy Symposium, which is the largest privacy conference in Toronto, possibly Canada, in which the DAAC displayed our new interactive booth concept.

This year, Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien gave a keynote on the nature of consent and announced the launch of a discussion paper to explore potential enhancements to consent within PIPEDA. Submissions in response to the paper’s questions are open until Wednesday July 13th, 2016. The DAAC will reinforce the importance of a self-regulatory program like ours as a solid solution to help companies comply with PIPEDA’s requirements for online interest-based advertising. Read submissions by the DAAC.

At our booth, visitors could interact with us by playing an AdChoices game on their smartphones. Quiz questions about the program were timed, and the quicker you answered the more points you’d get. At the end of the 7-question-round, often held as a face-off with another attendee, your scores showed up on a TV leaderboard at our booth. Many attendees had fun with this competitive aspect!

Several of the questions are geared towards privacy practitioners, so I will release this game over the summer months after some revamping to make it easier for the general public.

Following the IAPP conference, we jetted to Los Angeles to attend the fourth annual DAA Summit. This is always an important conference for us to be visible at – it’s our chance to see all our DAA counterparts and many participants in one place and discuss as a group our future endeavours. I participated on a panel discussing our global work.

During the summit, the DAA spoke about a recent consumer study they conducted in partnership with Zogby Analytics which found 85% of consumers prefer an ad-supported internet instead of having to pay for the content they now get for free. Three quarters said they would reduce their online time “a great deal” if they had to pay, and assigned a value of nearly $1,200 per year to the information they get on the web. Interesting statistics, indeed!

 85% of consumers prefer an ad-supported internet instead of having to pay for the content they now get for free.

I’m often asked when the DAAC will be holding their first official summit, and I assure you it will happen. If you’re interested in being part of it, I’d be pleased to discuss sponsorship opportunities to get this rolling. It would be wonderful to host our global colleagues here in Toronto, to showcase our superb city.

Over the summer months I will be focusing my efforts on French Canada, starting with a visit to Montreal on July 14 & 15 to discuss how to best reach Quebec audiences. I’d be happy to arrange any AdChoices 101 meetings on those dates – please reach out.

I’ll have more news to share very soon, but until then, I hope you all enjoy your summer and please contact us if your company would like to learn more about the AdChoices program!

– Julie Ford, Executive Director, DAAC