Key Program Components

The AdChoices self-regulatory program for online interest-based advertising includes several important components that all participating companies should be aware of:

The Icon

The program promotes the use of the AdChoices icon and accompanying language, to be displayed in or near online advertisements and on webpages where data is collected and used for online interest-based advertising.

The icon indicates that the advertising is covered by the self-regulatory program, and by clicking on it, consumers will be able to link to a clear notice statement regarding the data collection and use practices associated with the ad. There should also be a link to an easy-to-use choice mechanism one or two clicks away.

The AdChoices Icon

Companies collecting or using information for online interest-based advertising are encouraged to register to acquire and begin displaying the icon in Canada, signalling their use of online interest-based advertising and adherence to the principles.

Opt-Out Mechanism

Interested companies engaged in online interest-based advertising can also register to participate in the easy-to-use consumer opt-out mechanism available here.

When registering, companies can indicate if they wish to participate in the industry-wide opt-out tool the DAAC provides.


Advertising Standards Canada (ASC), the independent advertising self-regulatory body, monitors entities participating in the program for compliance with the principles, and works with them to effect compliance.

ASC also accepts and responds to complaints about practices that may not comply with the principles.

If you believe that you have witnessed a practice or an ad that may violate the program’s principles, you can report it here. Complaints may be submitted by consumers, companies, and organizations.

Educational Campaign

An educational campaign was launched to build awareness about the program for both the business community and consumers. Participating companies are asked to contribute efforts towards this type of education. Companies interested in donating inventory can do so by filling out this form.