AdChoices Reach Program

Know your obligations for interest-based advertising, and join today! 

The Canadian AdChoices self-regulatory program offers a level of participation for organizations that wish to inform their website visitors and app users that data is being collected or used on their properties by third party advertising companies.

Ideal for small businesses, not for profits, schools, and startups, our Reach Program will give you access to the AdChoices icon and links to our easy-to-use tools.


Program fee: $1,500 CAD annually


What is the AdChoices self-regulatory program?

The Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada is a not-for-profit coalition that is responsible for administering the AdChoices self-regulatory program for online interest-based advertising in Canada. Our role is to ensure that the AdChoices icon is seen on websites and apps and in or around ads that are collecting or using personal information for advertising purposes. This personal information could be browser history, location, and other data.

By displaying the icon and privacy notices to consumers, you are aiming to fulfill the obligations your company has to provide consumers with notice, transparency and the ability to opt-out of interest-based advertising if they so choose.

The DAAC also offers an added value of accountability. Ad Standards, an independent self-regulatory body, monitors our program’s participants for compliance with our principles – ensuring that what you are communicating and offering the public makes sense and that opt-outs work.

Why should my organization join?

Every online property plays a role when it comes to interest-based advertising, whether you realize it or not.

A pixel or tag you place on your website to inform an advertising partner about your visitors is a window into data collection. Consumers should be told that when they visit your site, this data collection is happening for adverting purposes, and they should be able to opt-out. Just like how a “do not call” list would work. In Canada, we have data privacy laws that all companies, regardless of size, should be adhering to. These data privacy laws give consumers the right to privacy and control of their personal information.

In order to ensure your company is complying with the laws and guidance that exists in Canada, the DAAC has created the AdChoices self-regulatory program for our jurisdiction – it is a standardized way to help companies comply with the data privacy laws that exist here.

By adhering to the principles and guidelines we offer, and listening and working with our compliance partner Ad Standards, your company can be counted as a serious and responsible data steward.

It’s really easy to apply and join the program. Fill out a form, pay a small annual fee, and we will help you with the rest. It will take some work on your side, but in the end, making these efforts to inform your visitors and customers will build trust and accountability.

Be accountable, be truthful, be transparent – with AdChoices.